Should I Auction My Property?

Can You Sell My Property?


One of the most common questions our team receives from sellers is that very question – “Can you sell my property; is it possible to sell my real estate at public auction?” Yes. From distressed commercial properties to luxurious estates, auctions have run the gamut and seen it all. The question that needs to be asked and answered, however, is,

“Is your property better suited for a traditional marketing strategy or an auction marketing strategy?”

 Why choose an auction? Shouldn’t I go the traditional route?


In short, no. Every property is unique; every property has a story. Your property’s story is waiting to be told. Despite common belief, it is a misconception that auctions are far from regular real estate transactions (link to article – to be created). They aren’t.

In fact, auctions are one of the simplest ways to sell your property because they remove all of the ambiguity. Instead, by selling your property at public auction, you are partaking in one of the most open and transparent marketplaces available. You are dealing all of the buyers the same hand – providing them with a level playing field, and more importantly, providing yourself an opportunity to sell a property for its true market value.

I’m not sure. Auctions are unfamiliar to me.


That’s fair. The real estate market is flooded with real estate agents, and only a small fraction of agents have represented a client in an auction or participated in an auction themselves.

According to the National Association of Realtors, there is a simple guiding principle that all real estate professionals should apply to determine if an auction should be considered.

What principle? Does my property qualify? 

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) refers to this principle as the Two-Thirds Rule . The Two-Thirds Rule tasks real estate agents with analyzing conditions surrounding the market, buyer, and seller to determine if an auction should be part of the property’s marketing strategy.




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December 23, 2020



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