The Ease of Selling with Ashland

Sell in 4 Simple Steps

1. Listing

Getting started is easy. To begin, simply contact our office to notify them of your listing inquiry. You can submit an inquiry online or by calling our office at 410-488-3124.

You will speak to a licensed real estate agent and/or auctioneer who will discuss some basic information about your property and the auction listing process.

To proceed with the listing of the property, Ashland Auction Group will make arrangements to have you sign an Auction Listing Agreement in person or electronically. Once signed,Ashland Auction Group will work with you to gather additional information and documentation about the property and sale, if required. At this time, an auction date will also be secured and your property will be prepared to be transitioned from our Listing Department to our Marketing Department. 

2. Marketing

During the marketing phase, our team will prepare to advertise your property on multiple platforms. First, the listing will be published on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Ashland

Once your property is listed on the MLS, your property will also be automatically advertised on any third-party website that has an agreement with the MLS. This process is not different than what any other licensed real estate agent does. Buyers that browse the MLS or any of those syndication websites (Zillow, Redfin,, etc.) will also showcase your property, as they would have with any other agent.

Now, the advantage of hiring Ashland Auction Group, is that your property will be scheduled for a public auction. As a result, your property will be advertised on our website, where many buyers directly search for their next real estate purchase.

3. Selling

Once your property is marketed, our sales team will often work to find a buyer and close the deal. In any given month, we tend to pre-sell 15-35% of our inventory prior to the scheduled auction. The listing agent can discuss your options with you to help you decide if you would to entertain pre-auction offers.

4. Closing

Once your property is under contract, you are in the home stretch. As nearly all of our sales are sold in as-is condition without any contingencies or concessions, the settlement process is easy. Our settlement coordinator will work with you, the buyer, and title company to coordinate settlement. Most of the required paperwork and documentation is proactively gathered during the listing process, but in the event that additional documentation is required or decisions need to be made, our team will be available to guide you through the entire process.

January 12, 2021


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